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Prolog to "Gloves of a Thief"

2013-02-12 21:33:53 by Toogorax

The thief's ragged breath floated in the damp autumn air, visible as a puff of steam emerging from his bloodied lips. He held a mustachioed man by his forehead with one gloved hand, and in the other hand he held a dagger to the mustachioed man's throat. The thief's eyes darted around, looking for an opening to use as an escape from the encircling guards.

"Stand down!" yelled the thief, eyes now rapidly locking on the faces of his pursuers. "I'll kill him! I swear to god, I'll kill him!" The guards hesitated in their advance, glancing with uncertainty at the mustachioed man. The mustachioed man opened his mouth to say something and found the thief's dagger inside it. "I will carve this bastard the biggest smile he will ever make if you don't stand down!" The mustachioed man seemed to smile, though it was hard to tell with his mouth kept open by the dagger.

"What the hell are you smiling about?" barked the thief, flashing his hostage a face of disgust mixed with puzzlement. The thief then put on a show of being in a state of thought for half a second before saying "never mind, it's best you get used to grinning like an idiot before I slice your fat face open." That half second fa├žade of thinking cost the thief, as his pursuers took quick step closer, crossbows aimed for his head.

The thief didn't want any of this. All he wanted to do was "borrow" Shade's little trinket, and now he was so close to meeting death he could almost high-five him. He felt a slight pull against his belt and looked down quickly. There was nothing there, save for his hostage's hands, hanging limply at his side. The thief shifted his weight, trying to keep his hostage away from his belt. "Nah my man" said the thief "let's not try to do anything stupid shall we?" The mustachioed man, who still had the thief's dagger in his mouth, let out a weak laugh. "Hey!" called the thief to one of the guards "remind me who this handsome devil is again?"

"You know damned well who that is you stinking rat." Responded the guard, his teeth clenched. "Now how about you set him down so I can shoot a bolt through your traitorous skull?"

The thief giggled, pressing the edge of his dagger against the inner cheek of the mustachioed man, not enough to slice the cheek, but just enough to make his hostage grunt in discomfort. "Aw, come on now Gralis, why can't we go one meeting without you threatening me, or promising to kill my followers- that was good by the way! I keep telling you that I don't have anyone working with me, but nope, you just hack off the hands of every poor soul that pickpocketed and start yelling out to me; 'This is you in the next couple of hours Heist! Ohhh! Look how big and strong I am, killing beggars and all that-"

The thief felt another tug at his belt, harder than before, followed by what distinctly felt like an elbow hitting what he was certain was his right floating rib. With a surprised wheeze, Heist let go of the mustachioed man's head and grabbed at his belt. His heart leapt with fear, but his mind filled with hate, as he tensed his arm and twirled, slicing the cheek of the mustachioed man open. Heist felt several crossbow bolts whiz past his head and lodge themselves into the stone wall behind him. "Wrong move Sequ!" shouted Heist. He stuck out his knee and brought it down over his hostage's head with all his weight, causing Sequ's head to slam into the cobblestones and bounce back up.

"Well, I can see none of you are in the chatting mood, so I'll just mosey off now." Said Heist, stooping down and prying the bundle from Sequ's ridged fingers. Then, everything flashed a hint of red, as a crossbow bolt buried itself into Heist's shoulder. Heist cried out, knees buckling before he willed himself to sprint and plow through two guards that were fumbling to reload their crossbows. Rookies. Thought Heist At least that's one good surprise.

As Heist raced through the yard, crossbow bolts flew passed him, along with the curses of those who fired them. Pain shooting up his shoulder with every step, Heist yanked the crossbow bolt out of his shoulder, wincing in pain as his muscle tissue was torn. Vaulting over what he saw to be a short wall, Heist contemplated as to weather or that stealing the muguficus was worth it. He wondered if its mythical power to transfer life was even real, and started to curse at the prospect that he could have just nicked a useless decoration instead of an object that could potentially make him immortal. Then Heist noticed that he was falling.

"Oh shit... well then, this seems bad. I wonder how far-" Suddenly another crossbow bolt dug into his thigh. Heist's eyes bulged with pain, and he struggled to keep himself from dropping the bundle containing the muguficus. "not going to well for you is it?" Said a voice behind Heist. "What-?" Said Heist, flipping over in the air to see who had decided to join him on his express decent to the ground. There was no one there, save the muguficus freefalling beside him. Heist looked at his clutched hand and saw that he was holding the cloth that he had wrapped the muguficus in. Crap thought Heist, as he reached out to grab the muguficus. Losing so much blood Im hallucinating...

The voice spoke again, and to Heist's surprise, it came from the muguficus. "Oh come on Heist, you barley lost any blood." The muguficus seemed to fall closer to Heist, a faint blue light enveloping it. "What is this? Is this really magic?" "No, Heist, I'm just an ancient artifact that simply decided to talk for the first time in millennia because you are so interesting - Of course it's magic!" The muguficus seemed to come alive, shifting itself into the form of a woman. Its thighs, head, chest, and shoulders were a silver metal, while a blue fire gave the rest of the "body" shape. The metallic woman spoke to him, her words forming in his mind as is they were his own thoughts. "I wont drag things out for too long here, so ill give you the quick version of the deal."

Heist, with a confused look on his face, suddenly returned to his senses and started yelling at the premonition. "If it gets me out of this mess, why the hell not! Look, I don't care if I need to serve some god or something like that, as long as I get to live, Im all for it!" "Are you sure?" Asked the woman, the fire that was her face twisting in the increasing wind. "You don't even know the terms-" She was cut off by a scream Heist as another crossbow bolt impaled Heist, this time hitting him right in the stomach. "I don't give a damn! Yes! Yes, I agree to your contract! I understand the terms and conditions just get me out of here!" The apparition crossed her arms in self-satisfaction. "Very well." She said, placing a hand upon Heist's heart and taking hold of his hand with the other. "We'll have plenty of time to talk later, in your own personal hell." With that, a blue light exploded from within her fiery abdomen, engulfing Heist in a blinding ball of brilliance. His body rapidly disintegrated, and the body of what had been the muguficus had turned into gas and burned into one of Heist's gloves a glyph.

The gloves fell onto the cobblestone walkway, a glyph in the shape of an eye with a cresent moon in its pupil emblazoned on the back of one of them. Both gave of a faint blue glow, but it quickly faded into the glyph.

As Heist lay with his eyes closed, he heard the voice of the muguficus speak, but not directly to him, more so as a chant.

"Another life recorded, another descendant in sight, the thief king shall live on, walking under the moon's light."